Our Mission

We connect and support customers, suppliers and investors from China, Europe and Americas.

Our Product Portfolio

  • Investment opportunities in China and Europe
  • Identification of sales and purchasing channels in China, Europe and Americas.

The Idea

The idea behind this platform is to bring technologies and special products from Europe and Americas to China and projects from China to Europe and Americas and vice versa. The platform is focusing on environmental technologies (air, water, waste, soil), special technologies and special products. Depending on the customer it will be realized as a project or as a joint venture, but they also promote foreign direct investment.

The Way

To ensure the high quality of the contacts, the companies and partners can join by invitation only. The associates of this platform prepare the presentation together with their clients to make them comparable and complete. The platform provides support to get in touch with the right people and enable the biggest success for each partner.

Chinas Past

When it comes to technological innovation, China has created a reputation as the world’s copycat. Historically, China has reproduced successful Western technologies and adapted them to the Chinese market. The nation’s main target was efficiency in manufacturing rather than innovation. As a result, China has enacted a quantity versus quality mentality. But you can see that several times in history in many countries around the world.

Chinas Presence & Future

Now China is taking steps to reform and shift its current cost effectiveness-based model to one focused on innovation and sustainability. This promotion is a big chance for technology partners to develop the biggest market in the world to a higher level. China has many environmental issues, severely affecting its environment as well as humans. The Chinese government has acknowledged the problems and made various responses, resulting in improvements.

Now China is confronted with the dual task of developing the economy and protecting the environment. China has made environmental protection one of its basic national policies and regarded the realization of sustainable development as an important strategy. It has carried out large-scale measures throughout the country for pollution prevention and control as well as ecological environment protection.

China is making great efforts to protect its own environment and is taking an active part in international environmental affairs promoting international cooperation in the field of environmental protection.