Mergers & Acquisitions

We support our European and Chinese clients to find a strategic European or Chinese partner or investor, to extend their business successfully to China or Europe.


We search for environmental and special technologies in Europe for our Chinese clients to help them to improve the environment and to build up the infrastructure in China.


We organise and accompany Chinese delegations in Europe and vice versa European delegations in China to visit companies. We have close contact to the officials in both regions.


We have a reliable network of legal, tax and property consultants with European standards. They also can help you to find the right location and to open your Chinese business.

Our Tasks

  • Communication: We provide effective communication between the partners that the partnership acts on the desired way.
  • Support:  We provide assistance to our partners to enter successfully into the Chinese or European market.
  • Project Management: We help in the process and activity of planning, organizing and controlling resources, procedures and protocols to achieve defined goals.
  • Transformation: We provide help to structure the information and to make the partners and tasks comparable.